Trying to Conceive

The Wonky Cycle

My cycle continues to be crazy. Fertility Friend never gave me an O date so I hopped on over  to the charting group on BabyCenter and those lovely ladies told me CD14. I still think it may be CD13 but close enough right? I manually overrode my chart yesterday so I am now at 10 or 11 DPO. Usually I start symptom spotting here but I’m pretty sure we missed  the egg and will be going on to next month. I do have tender breasts, but now that I’ve been charting for a few cycles it seems as though that tends to happen between 11-12 DPO, so it’s probably a sign that Aunt Flo is on her way. I’m not even slightly upset this cycle and don’t think that will change even when she does come. Mostly because I am just so sick of this crazy cycle I’m ready to start over fresh.

I may do a hand written chart next cycle comparing my regular thermometer to my BBT thermometer. I love comparing things, I think I said that last time, that’s why I keep two charts. Then again I may just go back to the regular thermometer because that one didn’t piss me off and I always got my O date using it. We’ll see how I motivated I feel when CD1 gets here. I do like the idea of charting by hand just for fun, but then again I’m that baseball freak who loves to keep a hand held scorecard when watching games on tv. Not all the time, just once in awhile! I know, I know… freak. haha

– <3S.

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