Trying to Conceive


Of all days I feel like today is one where we should bond together. Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. I’m not going to recount my story as I’ve already shared it on here. I do think it is important to talk about miscarriage and infant loss. It has become such a taboo to even mention it. If people weren’t so scared to talk about their loss, or listen to someone talk about their loss, then maybe we would feel like we knew how to help one another. I was lucky. I had some really close friends I could talk to, one of whom had miscarried before. She understood everything I felt and was going through. My other friend didn’t but it didn’t stop her from trying. If I hadn’t had them then I would have gone crazy. The emotions I would have bottled up would have drove me wild. I know myself well enough to know if I couldn’t have talked about it I would have folded in on myself. I also know there are so many people who feel like they can’t talk about it and aren’t as lucky as I am to have someone close to go to. This is why we need to share our stories. Because if it wasn’t such a taboo we would know how to talk to one another, to be there. Sure you will always have your people who just don’t get it, and people won’t know the right things to say, but at least they won’t shy away. They won’t feel like they can’t ask you how you are feeling or if you need something. Even that little acknowledgement is something. It’s more than most people get.



In other news I have been very busy so have not had time to stay caught up on here. I have two weddings to coordinate in the next two weeks so they’re kind of taking all of my time. I’m cycle day 9 today and trying raspberry leaf tea. I love tea so any excuse to drink more is a good one in my book! I am also feeling super laid back about this cycle. I’m kind of back to the if it happens it happens feeling. Of course next week when I ovulate that will completely change. Then when I’m obsessively peeing on sticks in three weeks I’ll have to remind myself that I was feeling this way. I guess we will see what happens!


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