Trying to Conceive


After some temp dips, a crazy spike, and then another dip today AF has shown. Alas I am on to cycle 5 post miscarriage. To top it off I had some crazy dreams last night about poas and getting positives. Like three different sticks. I also had a dream that I got into a fight with a girl who told me I should suck it up and get over my miscarriage because it had been six months… Needless to say dream me went off on her. IRL she isn’t the kind of person who would ever say that so I wonder what my subconscious was thinking. Maybe I don’t want to know though. Either way I’m prepared to wait out these next five days and then go on from there.

On a trying to stay positive note, I did get a new BBT that I haven’t tried yet because I didn’t want to start mid-cycle so not conceiving means that I get to use the thermometer and that $10 doesn’t go to waste! Ha. One way to look at it! I’ve got myself a box (yeah a box. I’m super classy) and I’m about to break into it!

– ❤ S.

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