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Chart and Stick Addict

I have been extremely distracted this week though I’m not sure why. I’m not particularly busy but it seems like I always have something going on, which is a completely hypocritical statement. I’ve also worked 9 days in a row, so I haven’t really felt like doing anything when I get home.

On the baby front I am absolutely crazy. I’m only 11dpo but have been obsessively peeing on a stick since 9dpo. Yup, it’s official. I am crazy. Even if I am pregnant I know I won’t be able to see the line until AF is missing. I’ve seen other people’s BFPs and apparently they have pretty stark lines but my anti-line eye is so bad that I can’t see them. Maybe I need glasses. Either way the BFNs for the last few days have definitely been discouraging. I keep trying to tell myself I’m not out until I’m out but it is easier to let myself get disappointed now than to wait and get super disappointed when AF shows.

I’m still fairly tired for what seems like no reason. My BF and I went to bed at 11pm on Tuesday, which is early for us, and I slept until 9am. When I got back from work at 6pm I was exhausted and ready to go to bed then! There is no need for that at all. My breasts were tender the other day, and I was definitely nauseous today. I’m still having light pressure in my pelvic area. I still think I’m just symptom spotting though. However, my chart is still looking pretty awesome. I’m just waiting for a temp dip though. Last cycle it happened two days before AF so if I am going to have one it will likely be Sunday. I wake up anxious every morning before I temp and then when my temp is still up I’m instantly eased so the sadness when it does finally dip will likely hit harder than I want it to. I guess we will see.

September/October Chart. This is cycle 4 post MMC at 6 weeks caught in May with D&C on May14th at 9 weeks.
September/October Chart. This is cycle 4 post MMC at 6 weeks caught in May at week 8 with D&C on May 14th at 9 weeks.


– ❤ S.

2 thoughts on “Chart and Stick Addict

    1. Thank you! Nothing still today and a slight temp drop so it’s not looking great but I will know for sure on Tuesday I suppose. =)


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