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September 2014 Ipsy Review

It’s NoBaby-Wednesday! So for this wednesday I will be doing a review of the most recent September Ipsy bag. It’s an unbagging!


The Bag

This months bag theme was Street Art. It is an punkish metalic silver bag with four studs on it. Honestly, it feels cheaply made when you touch it. Had it been more fabric and less plasticy it would have come across better. However I like the look of it. It is much more my style then some of the other bags I have received from Ipsy. I little less girly and a little more hard edge.



Nourish Organic

Moisturizing Organic Face Cleanser

Ipsy Code: Ipsy30

So here we have a standard organic face cleanser. Eh. I don’t get excited about these things. It tends to be hit or miss for me. The sample size is actually pretty nice. It is large enought that I can try it a couple of times before completely writing it off. Way better than some of those tiny tin foil samples you receive. Smell wise, well, I couldn’t smell anything. That can definitely be a plus in the facial department though. It didn’t necessarily moisturize, leaving the shower my skin definitely felt dry but it did seem to cleanse fairly well. It took my mascara and eyeliner right off. So I am going to give it a 2 out of 5.




Mitchell & Peach

Luxury Handcream

Ipsy Code: Ipsy22

You know how some people are just tired of getting eyeliner? Well I am tired of getting hand cream/lotion. What the fuck? I have so much lotion from these boxes that I don’t know what to do with them. I take them into the office and set them on my desk with a note saying “use me” so the other girls will know they are free for the taking. This brand especially didn’t impress me. It smells horrid. I can’t even explain it. Medicinal? Except it didn’t have any sunscreen or such in it. Also it does not moisturize my hands. I actually put it on and then they felt dry. There is nothing about this that I like. Ok not true. The size is decent but I don’t want a large sample of a product that is useless. So 1 out of 5.



Be A Bombshell

Smooth Criminal Finishing Powder

Ipsy Code: Ipsy30

Although I’ve heard good things and wanted to try them, this is my first Be A Bombshell product. So far it hasn’t disappointed. First off, I LOVE the name. I love a good pop culture reference and who doesn’t like Michael Jackson?? As a dancer, I have a huge appreciation for him. His moves were amazing. Anyway… back to the powder. I’ve never used a finishing powder but have always wanted to try one. I guess I don’t have anything to compare it to but this feels awesome. You dust on a light layer and it makes your face look, and feel silky smooth. This, again, was another decent sized sample. I can’t tell with the pictures but it may even be full sized! I’m giving this a 3 3/4 out of 5. Mostly because I don’t have something to compare it against. If I did it may be a 4 or 4 1/2.




Lipstick in Cabernet

Ipsy Code: Hikari30

“Another red lipstick.” Those were my first thoughts. However, I don’t mind this. It is probably a little more fancy for me than a regular day use but I will definitely put it on when I go out. Basically it is a raspberry color. If you put it on and blot it, it has somewhat of a stain look to it. VERY long lasting, which I love. Who doesn’t want a long lasting lipstick? Then you aren’t constantly applying. Also, it is a full sized product, which gains mucho points. On the negative side it is pretty dry. Of course, with a matte color like this that is to be somewhat expected, however it even when on my hand dry when I swatched it. Not good. I would give this a 3 1/2 out of 5.



This is way more pink pigmented in pictures than it is IRL.


Nail Polish in Red Red Wine

Ipsy Code: FallBeauty

I can never get enough nail polish. I’m a nail polish whore. And I love this color. I prefer dark colors to pastels and this has a nice fall feel too it. A nice dark red. I will definitely be wearing this color. Formula wise it could be better. It went on fairly light and needed a couple layers. It also didn’t dry very fast, which doesn’t work well for someone like me because I’m always on the go. So I try to do something, knock my nails off from shit, and fuck up the polish. I’m sure I’m in the minority there though. Many people in the world have loads more patience than I do. I would give this a 3 3/4 out of 5.




All in all this wasn’t a bad bag. It was definitely better than August. I really only liked two, or three, of the products. I could live without facial cleanser or ANOTHER FUCKING LOTION! However, the sizes were all superb! So I really can’t complain. Do you get Ipsy? If not you can join here! Did you have the same or different products and how did you like them?

See you lades (and gents?) on Frday (when I should have  BFP opk!)

– ❤ S.





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