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September 2014 BoxyCharm Review

Hello there ladies! As promised, though a day late, today I have the September BoxyCharm review. I think I’m going to do a youtube vlog on this as well. If I do I will edit this post and add it to the end. Lots of life things are going on right now but I will update you on all of those in tomorrow’s post. For now lets get to unboxing!


Tarte LipSurgence Lipgloss

Park Avenue Princess ($19)

Park Avenue Princess is described as a radiant bronze. It is a little lighter than what I may consider a bronze but I’m not complaining. This is my first Tarte product and I was really excited to try it, but so far I’m not super impressed. It is super goopy and sticky. There is barely any color. It is definitely a gloss but mostly it just shines my lips. I also didn’t expect it to have as much glitter as it does. However, all that said the doe foot applicator has a special dent in it for applying that is nice. Also I drank at least two glasses of wine before this came off completely so the staying power is fairly high. 3 out of 5 stars.


It is a very nude gloss.
It is a very nude gloss.


Harvey Prince Perfume

Tall Spray in Hello! ($26)

I actually got a sample of this perfume in my BirchBox this spring back before I got rid of it. It isn’t my favorite perfume but I don’t hate it either. It definitely depends on my mood. Every time I smell it it reminds me of something but I can never figure out what. My boyfriend thinks it smells like mens cologne but I think he’s crazy. It definitely has a more springy, floral smell and I tend to be a more warm, musky scented person. It isn’t bad by any means though. I would give this a 3 out of 5.

Oh shit. I had it upside down!


NCLA Nail Lacquer

Model Behavior ($16)

Okay you all know I saw the sneak peek for this and wasn’t super excited about the red. Luckily I didn’t get the red! I actually got the color I was most excited about, and most likely to wear. Model Behavior is a charcoal color with a hint of purple to it. I love it. It is the perfect fall color and it is a great neutral without doing a boring black. I am definitely going to get a lot of use out of this color. It also dries super fast which I was excited about because when it comes to nail polish I tend to get distracted doing other things after I paint my nails and hitting them on shit and ruining them.



Shitty polish job. I threw it on fast!
Shitty polish job. I threw it on fast and it is two layers.


Tarina Tarintino Mascara

Fleur De Lash Mascara in Black ($19)

After the amazing lip stick that came in last months box I was extremely excited to see a Tarina Tarintino product again. I must say of all the new brands I’ve tried this is probably my favorite. Also I was in much need of a good mascara. (A note on the Urban Decay Mascara that came in last month’s Ipsy… I hated it later on. It chunked up and gunked around the edges of the bottle after just two uses and gives me spider leg eyelashes constantly. So I’ve given up on that.) My initial thought was “Yes! The packaging looks as nice as the lipstick!” It was also heavy again, which for whatever reason I seem to like. It was easy to apply and gave me nice, long lashes. No gunking. They look very natural and it definitely elongates them. I would give this a 4 1/2 out of 5.



Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Palette

Go Palette in London ($12.95)

I saved my favorite for last. You all know how excited I was for this product and the colors make it even better. The purples and greens are PERFECT for a person with green eyes, which I happen to be. I am sooooo in love with this. Also it has a grey and a dark blackish grey color which is perfect for a smokey eye. I can not stop raving about Coastal Scents. They’re shadows are long lasting and they don’t crease. I’m kind of in love! This, of course and probably because I’m biased, gets a 5 out of 5.





So the overall value of this box was $92.95. Not one of the most expensive boxes but by far my favorite of the three I have received. There isn’t a product in here that I will not use. I am super stoked about this box and can not wait to start using everything. If my opinions change I’ll let  you guys know. Do you do BoxyCharm? If so what was your favorite product? You can join BoxyCharm for $21 a month here. Also be on the lookout for my first Vlog!


Until tomorrow!

– ❤ S.


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