Trying to Conceive

More Peeing on Sticks

Sorry no No-Baby Wednesday this week. I worked in the morning then an hour after work the BF and I went out on a double date and didn’t get back late.  Also I haven’t been able to keep my mind off of babies all week. I cracked and tested yesterday and today. My chart still looks pretty good though so I’m hoping that dpo11 and dpo12 are just too early. I didn’t get a bfp with my miscarriage until they day I was supposed to get my period and I had taken a test two days before. So I’m trying to stay positive. It’s hard though because all of the symptoms I’ve had could just be AF symptoms too. Eugh. Also you know how so many women have “line eye”? Meaning they constantly see lines on their tests. I have the opposite of that. I call it “anti-line eye.” I can NEVER see a light bfp. And it isn’t just on my tests, I can’t see it on anyone elses either. When I can I get excited because it is so rare. Even when they are tweaked and 12 other people are like “Oh yeah their is def a line there!” Nope. Can’t see it. I should wait until Sunday if I don’t get my period tomorrow to test but I am so POAS crazy right now that I know I won’t.

No big updates for today so that is all.

Until Monday (or sooner if I get any good news!)

– <# S.

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