Trying to Conceive

Backaches and Babies

8DPO and some crazy lower back pain. Not so much that it hurts but more so just noticeable. I’m trying not to bank on it much but I kind of can’t help it. That mixed with a slight drop then a spike in temperature on my charts gives me hope. Probably more than I should have but still. I know, I know, I’m completely over thinking everything. My back probably hurts from sitting around the fire in one of those foldable camp chairs yesterday but then again who knows? I guess I will see on Saturday when AF is supposed to be here.

On a semi-unrelated note my best friend who miscarried recently got her BFP today. Which is very exciting because her and her husband have wanted a baby forever but also makes me sad. Not jealous so much as just sad that it has taken me longer to conceive. Sure three cycles isn’t long at all, and by no means do I think my wait is long. I know there are women who take forever to conceive, and some who can’t even do that, so I don’t want anyone to think that I’m trivializing that. However, I can’ help how I feel. Part of me thinks that I’m projecting my semi implantation/early pregnancy symptoms because I feel more motivated to be pregnant now that my friend is. I am truly happy for her though.

Besides that no big updates. Today is not a day in which I’m feeling very “bloggy.” Instead just tired and out of touch. I can’t stop checking other people’s charts or “squinting” at their pregnancy tests. Apparently my list of ways to keep you distracted during the TWW were not very helpful on my part. Now though I’m going to take one of those up and clean my kitchen before either playing endless amounts of The Sims 3 or watching endless amounts of South Park. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to have a glass of wine on Saturday.

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