Trying to Conceive

Just a Little Crazy

Right, I’ve been a slacker. So Monday we went on a mini-vacation to New Hampshire for a food show. My F and I work at the same company, he’s head chef and I make reservations and coordinate weddings. I really have nothing to do with food and had no reason to go to this show… Continue reading Just a Little Crazy


My Top 5 Banned Books- NBW

It’s no-Baby Wednesday! I know, I know I missed Monday but it was for a good reason. The BF and I took a mini-vacation/work trip to New Hampshire for a couple of days. I must say, the wind down was much needed and definitely helped us both de-stress. However, I’ll have more about that and… Continue reading My Top 5 Banned Books- NBW

Trying to Conceive

Waiting for the Wait

Cycle Day 12 and the OPKs are slowly getting darker. Here is to crossing my fingers that my BF is actually as into this as he says he is. I guess I don’t have a whole lot to talk about today. I’m just waiting to ovulate and go from there. Then that awesome TWW that… Continue reading Waiting for the Wait

Beauty Box!

September 2014 Ipsy Review

It’s NoBaby-Wednesday! So for this wednesday I will be doing a review of the most recent September Ipsy bag. It’s an unbagging!   The Bag This months bag theme was Street Art. It is an punkish metalic silver bag with four studs on it. Honestly, it feels cheaply made when you touch it. Had it… Continue reading September 2014 Ipsy Review

Trying to Conceive

Looking Up

After everything that went on during the week the Boyfriend and I had a talk on Saturday. A good one that seems to make things look up a bit. He still wants a baby, no surprises here, and he still wants to continue to try. Since the beginning of our relationship we have had two… Continue reading Looking Up

Trying to Conceive

Ups and Downs

Just when you think everything is looking up life brings you crashing back down. My boyfriend and I finally got a lot of things off our chests, mostly his, about this whole trying to conceive thing and it is finally looking good. Like this is the month that we are going to start taking things… Continue reading Ups and Downs

Beauty Box!

September 2014 BoxyCharm Review

Hello there ladies! As promised, though a day late, today I have the September BoxyCharm review. I think I’m going to do a youtube vlog on this as well. If I do I will edit this post and add it to the end. Lots of life things are going on right now but I will… Continue reading September 2014 BoxyCharm Review