Trying to Conceive

10 Ways to Keep Your Mind off of Your TWW

Five days past ovulation and I’m still fairly positive. Maybe it’s because I’ve had such a good week or maybe it’s something else. Either way being positive and happy definitely can’t hurt! I’ve definitely kept myself busy, albeit maybe not completely distracted, during this first week of my two week wait. My friend came up on Monday night so I got to meet her new boyfriend and spend a day with her on Tuesday. A day out on the river. I live in the land of whitewater rafting so when we aren’t working (I work in the office of one of the companies) we’re playing. So we, a group of us from work, spent all day Tuesday on the river, hiking in to waterfalls, and basically just living the dream. Top that off with a group taco dinner and a fire on the edge of a  beautiful pond while the sun set and the stars came out. Beautiful. That definitely helped to keep my mind of things. With this I’ve compiled a list of some things that can help keep everyone a little distracted during their two week wait.

1. Immerse yourself in nature- This is what I did on Tuesday, it’s always been something I’ve enjoyed doing to keep myself distracted. Pack a picnic and spend a day at the lake swimming or go for a hike. Not only will these help keep you distracted but they’re good for you and you’re potential baby!

2. Scavenger hunts- I’m on a couple of boards (BabyCenter is my favorite! The women their are phenomenal and I would definitely recommend the Trying to Conceive board.) One of the fun things the women will do from time to time is a TWW scavenger hunt. For example: day 1- post a pic of a rainbow whether it real or one you created, Day 2- post a pic of a healthy super food meal you’ve eaten recently, Day 3- Post a picture of something you find beautiful, etc. Perhaps I’ll create and follow one for my next TWW if this cycle isn’t my lucky one.

3. Dive into a book/movie/tv show- I’m an avid reader. I will read almost anything and when I really like it I dive into it completely. Some people aren’t readers, my boyfriend for example. So whatever you can get into, whether it is binge watching all the seasons of Friends or jumping headfirst into the latest zombie video game, find something you’ll love and is distracting.

4. Clean- I’m not super domestic but I find that cleaning and reorganizing my closets and cupboards helps distract me. Not only that it leaves your house looking better!

5. Start a blog- Yup. While this is mostly my account of my trip trying to conceive, it is also rather distracting. I find myself thinking often “what am I going to write about tomorrow/today/next week? Should I just wing it and see what happens or should I pick a topic. So far I’ve done a bit of both. It’s enough, at least, to keep my mind off from constantly obsessing about peeing on a stick.

6. Throw yourself into work- Okay, this may not be for everyone. For me though my job has always been my distraction technique. I tend to be a workaholic. I find it the easiest way to keep my mind of things going on in my life that I may not want to think about. Unfortunately this weekend is our last busy weekend so work won’t do much to distract me during my second week.

7. Take a trip- I’m not talking pack your bags up and fly to Paris, though if you want to and have the means to do that go for it! I’m talking the area you live in. Look for something in your area you haven’t seen or done yet but might like to and go do it. For me their is a Shakespearean Theater about two hours away from me (for the record everything is two hours from me in just about each direction. It is that rural here.)  that I would love to go check out. So I will. Maybe not this time because my schedule next week doesn’t lend for it, but the next TWW. Just find something, anything, you want to do or see and go for it!

8. Watch the sunset- Do like I did and chill by a lake and watch the sunset, or rise. Don’t have a lake? Pop a chair in your front yard and watch it set with a nice, decaffeinated tea. Live in the city and don’t have a yard? Hike up the roof of your apartment, or whatever accessible building you, and watch from up there. Watching the sun and the stars makes you realize what a small part of the world you actually are. I find it very tranquil, so even if it doesn’t distract you it at least calms you.

9. Crafty projects- I’m not a crafty person so I don’t have any ideas but I know a lot of women talk about distracting themselves with arts and crafts. Looking for an idea? You can find a million on Pinterest.

10. Find a new hobby- I suppose this is similar to #3. Start doing yoga, take a painting class, learn sign language. Do something that can become something you use to distract you all the time (not from life but when you have that rough patch and just need something to calm you) not just your TWW. I took a pottery class in high school and found that throwing clay put me in a meditative state. If I could find a wheel I would do it now. It would be perfect. Instead I’m on the search for my new hobby. Something equally as distracting and tranquil but also useful.

There you go ladies. 10 ideas to help you keep your mind off the TWW. Of course nothing will distract you completely. It will always be something that is on your mind, even at the back of it when you are distracted, but at least you wont be obsessing. What do you girls do to keep you distracted during your TWW?

Until next week!

– ❤ S.

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