Trying to Conceive

Sunday Funday

One day past ovulation. And so it begins, that awesome two weeks of waiting just to see if your miracle is even a slight possibility. Last night was date night which is always nice. The Significant Other and I have designated one night a week, Sunday, to time with each other. Whether we actually go out on a date to a movie or hike one of the local mountains, or just watch tv with a glass of wine; that time is designated to each other. We aren’t supposed to let anything beyond important circumstances come in between that time. For example, my father’s 50th birthday party is next Sunday so I have to miss date night. However, if we can, that just means rescheduling. So we will do it on Monday night instead.

Our relationship may still be “new” but even as new as it is we don’t always find the time to be together as much as we may want. We both work jobs that require flexible schedules and there will be weeks when I have morning shifts all week long and he has night shifts; none of these with the same days off mind you., so we really only end up seeing each other for an hour or so before we go to bed. We both may work on Sunday’s but the rule is that as soon as we are out that is our time and we have to designate at least 3 hours of our night to it. Typically we get so caught up in whatever we were doing that we spend longer than that.

Last night was one of our standard fall back routines for date night. Wine for me, whiskey for him, and South Park reruns (I have an atypical sense of humor for a woman.) Also last night it was sans the wine for me due to the big O. Most nights whatever the South Park topics may be, they tend to lead us into a long discussion on politics. With differing opinions on a lot of things these discussions can get pretty intense, but at the end of it both of us walk away feeling satisfied because we were able to engage each other and have a discussion that gets both of us thinking. Even if we don’t agree with what the other said.

Last night wasn’t one of those nights. Last night was just a nice, laid back goof fest. Laughing at the ridiculousness that is Cartman (his favorite) and Kyle (mine.) A night to just enjoy one another, laugh a bit, and of course get some baby dancing in. It doesn’t matter that we didn’t go out to some high class restaurant (for the record those are very hard to come by in rural Maine) or have the most intelligent of discussions. At the end of the night the important thing was that we got to spend time just enjoying one another’s company, which is ultimately what date night is all about.

Until Wednesday,

– ❤ S

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