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Ovulation Prediction Rambling

I’ve barely started this blog and already I’ve missed a Friday post! This does not bode well for me. Go figure.

Cycle day 15 people. If  I was regular and ovulated by the book today would be the day, but according to my temps and OPKs, I’m not quite normal. Fairly close though. My temps have barely dipped but the OPKs are close to being positive. It’s looking like tomorrow is going to be my day, then onto those dreaded waiting weeks. God do those weeks suck, and work will be winding down for the season so I won’t have a whole lot to distract me. What’s a girl to do? Speaking of OPKs, I figured I would talk about those a bit today.

This is my first cycle trying the OPKs (Ovulation Predictor Kit) and I’m really only doing it to make sure I am ovulating. I had only been temping before, and because my temping seems a bit off, I was getting nervous that I hadn’t actually ovulated after my D&C. This probably wasn’t really a legitimate concern considering my menstrual cycle went right back to a regular 28 days but after everything I went through I suppose it is normal to be a touch paranoid. From everything I had heard I expected the OPKs to be a huge pain in the ass. I’ve lucked out. I’ve found them fairly simple, but maybe that is just because I’m lucky enough to have a fairly regular cycle so I’m not peeing on sticks every single day trying to get my positive… I’ve been using the Wondfo brand, which is the big one people have complained about. I see the issues to an extent. When you POAS it takes it about five minutes to give you a result and even when it is negative there tends to still be a fairly faint line. However,  as I’ve continued to POAS each day, twice a day once I hit cycle day 13, I have progressively seen it get darker. So I guess I’ve lucked out. However, I can see how they can be frustrating. I haven’t tried a First Response OPK, so I can’t compare them to that for you, but from what I’ve heard if you’re having issues reading the Wondfo’s then those are the way to go. I’ve also compiled a few tips for getting a clear OPK.

  1. 1. Start peeing on your stick cycle day 10, at least once a day. When I got to cycle day 13 I started POAS twice a day. Apparently you can get your surge later in the day after having gotten a negative test earlier. Better to waste a few and know, than take the one and miss it!
  2. 2. Don’t use first morning urine. Apparently the best times to test are between 10am-8pm. I read somewhere, probably BabyCenter (those momma’s and momma’s to be are sooo fucking supportive. They’ve definitely helped a lot during this period of my life) that the most accurate results  are between 2:00-2:30pm. That seems extremely specific. I found that mine tended to read better between 12:00pm-3:00pm, but I’m sure everyone is a little different.
  3. 3. Invest in a small cup for peeing in. You actually are supposed to dip the Wondfo strips into the urine but I’m stubborn and hold it under my stream. They’re really small so I usually end up peeing all over my hand. Not cool. Dixie cups would be great, or even those small little cups that come with cough medicine. However, you will want to clearly label those cups so people don’t try to use them for the cough medicine after you’ve used it as your pee cup. Gross.
  4. 4. Like most tests, try to collect the urine at the same time every day. You’ll get a more accurate read that way. I have a random work schedule so I couldn’t do this and they still seem to be working fine, but obviously it would be a more reliable read if I had POAS more consistently.
  5. 5. Once you get that dark line go make sweet sweet love! The egg drop happens about 12-24 hours after a positive test.

So here’s to hoping. I’m crossing my fingers that we catch something in the next few days but I won’t know for a couple of weeks. Which means a couple of weeks of me rambling on and on just to distract myself. I do have a friend coming up this week so I’ll probably hit the river with her on Tuesday and then my father’s birthday is next weekend, so there will be a party for that. I guess that is at least something to keep me distracted. In the mean time I’ll be annoying all of you. Because I can. =)

Good luck to all of you trying OPKs! Until Monday…

– ❤ S

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