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August 2014 Boxycharm Unboxing

Hey everyone! I’m back with way less heavy stuff, just as promised. I don’t have much to announce on the trying to conceive front. I’m cycle day 11 so I should be ovulating any day now, but there isn’t too much to report. I do plan on updating this bad boy every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and think I will dedicate Wednesday’s as No-Baby Wednesday. In other words, unless something miraculous happens that needs to be reported on a Wednesday, I’m going to strictly stay away from the baby making stuff and focus on something else to take my mind, and yours, off from that. I’ve found it’s nice to have a break from all that, otherwise you’ll start to go crazy. Whether it is obsessing over every little thing that may be a symptom or getting irritated because you still just feel like you haven’t gotten anywhere. So from here on out No-Baby Wednesday’s shall commence!

This NBW is going to be my first beauty box unboxing! I’ve been getting Boxycharm for a couple of months now and am in LOVE with it! For those who don’t know Boxycharm is a monthly beauty box subscription for $21. Each month you get a box with 5 full size beauty products. If you’re a makeup junky like me and love to try new things, beauty boxes are the way to go! Also, another FYI,  this post wont be as pretty as it could be. Sad face. I live in a tiny town (35 year round residents!) and Boxycharm won’t deliver to PO Boxes. Because of this I have it sent to my job. When I went to the post office to get my mail the lady who works there, who I will refer to as Miss M, had my box because that town gets the mail then sends it to the post office 7 miles up the road in the next small town, where it then goes out to the people in that town; including my job. Why they do this, I have no idea. Why they have two post offices within 7 miles of each other when there is probably only a total of 100 people between the two of them is also beyond me. Anyway, Miss M had the box and was going to give it to me but her scanner wouldn’t let her change the address (alas Miss M is a super sweetheart but she isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed) so she had me open my box, take the products, and the next day she sent it on the other post office where they then scanned it and threw the box out. Crazy shit happens in small towns people. All of this was fine but it means that I don’t get to take cute box pictures of the products. Woe is me… but really it could be worse. Alright, so lets jump in!boxycharm august 2014


Cheek and Lip Tint ($22)

The first thing I received in my box was MODELco CHEEK & LIPS. I hadn’t tried this product before but being a huge tint and stain fan was excited for it. It goes on a little goopy (see images below) but evens out after rubbing it in. I wasn’t a huge fan of the weird fake berry smell but the color was decent. It was fairly long lasting but didn’t hold up Benefits Benetint. Though I may be biased because that is one of my absolute must have products (at some point I would love to do a comparison post.) However I did think the stain lasted longer on my lips and will probably use it for that, though that weird berry smell is also a weird berry tast. So we’ll see. All in all not a bad product. I would say 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

Cute packaging! Though, ahem, someone needs to redo her nail polish…



Goop, goop, goop! It looks a lot darker before you rub it in.
Goop, goop, goop! It looks a lot darker before you rub it in.


All blended in. It has a nice "just in from the cold" pink to it, though my flash washes the color out a bit.
All blended in. It has a nice “just in from the cold” pink to it, though my flash washes the color out a bit.













OFRA Lipliner

Cherish ($13)

I was really excited to get an Ofra prodcut. I’ve used them before and love it. Apparently some people got eyeliners and others got lipliners. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about people getting too many eyeliners but I can never have too many and would much prefer them over lipliner. Especially a waterproof one! Alas, I got lipliner. The formula seems nice. It glides on easy and from my test try seemed to stay for a decent amount of time. The color though. Eugh. The color. It is so bright! It is unlikely I will wear this, though it does go well with the ridiculously bright pink lipstick I got in my July Boxycharm. I did find you can put it on lightly and lay it over with a gloss to give it a much lighter, and more wearable (for me) feel. In general this product gets 3 out of 5 stars for me, but mostly because of the color.

Ofra Lipliner in Cherish
Ofra Lipliner in Cherish


On the left we have the pencil colored straight on, on the right it is smudged to give it a more muted color and something much more wearable for me.
On the right we have the pencil colored straight on, on the left it is smudged to give it a more muted color and something much more wearable for me.


Tarina Tarintino Conditioning Lip Sheen

Queen Alice ($22)

This was one of the other sneak peaks for the August box. I don’t usually get excited about lip products because I tend to focus on my eyes more, and feel a bit clowny when wearing lipsticks. However I had heard great things about the Tarina Tarintino products and in the sneak peak even darkest shade looked like one I could probably get away with wearing. I was not disappointed. This is probably my favorite product in this months box. The formula is moisturizing and long lasting. The packaging is adorable, albeit it is a very heavy lipstick when you pick it up. I’m not sure why, but I like it. And the color. The color was perfect for me. It is just enough to be able to tell I’m wearing lipstick but not so much that I feel showy and super made up. I’ve worn it almost every day since I got it! 5 out of 5 stars for sure!

Cute rhinestone packaging.
Cute rhinestone packaging.


Nice dusty rose shade.
Nice dusty rose shade.


Morphe Brushes

Deluxe Powder Dome ($19.99)

Apparently this was also a sneak peak but I never saw it. I was just saying to my friend that I needed a new brush and low and behold along comes Boxycharm to the rescue. This brush is soooo soft guys! Like clouds on your face! It also has great coverage. It gets my foundation on nice and light, no big poofs of powder on my forehead. Everything is nice and smooth. I would say 4 out of 5 stars.

Clouds guys, it feels like clouds. Except less wet because clouds are just condensation.
Clouds guys, it feels like clouds. Except less wet because clouds are just condensation.


Enter Pronoun

Blowtorch Bronzer ($35)

I saved this one for last because mine came broken. 😦 When I opened my box at the post office I knew there was a problem because all of my other products were covered in a light brown dust. I didn’t realize the scale of the issue until I got home. Luckily I opened it over my bathroom sink because all, and I am talking ALL, of the bronzer fell out of the compact and into the sink. I didn’t bother taking a picture and asking for another one from Boxycharm because I’m rather pale and not a huge bronzer fan anyway. I figured I wouldn’t use it. It was also really dark all over my hands so I’m pretty convinced it wouldn’t have looked that good on me anyway. The compact is super heavy and nice though, so I cleaned it out and threw it in my purse so I have an extra mirror when I go out. Sadly this gets 1 out of 5 stars (the compact itself gets a 3.)

Empty. Sad face. :(
Empty. Sad face. 😦


In total this months Boxycharm comes to a value of $111.99. Not too shabby for $21! It may not be one of my favorite Boxycharm boxes but I can’t complain either. Really besides the bronzer, which I can’t use, and the lipliner that I’ll use very minimally everything was pretty great. Do you guys get Boxycharm? What did you think of your products/colors? If you would like to join Boxycharm you can do so here!

Until Friday!

– ❤ S.

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