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Surprise! September BoxyCharm Sneak Peeks

I got so excited about September’s BoxyCharm sneak peeks that I decided I needed to do a post and share them with you! Septembers theme is Fashion Week. Sneak Peek #1 Tarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss $19 I’ve never used Tarte so I am not sure what to expect but I’ve heard good things. Everyone will… Continue reading Surprise! September BoxyCharm Sneak Peeks

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10 Ways to Keep Your Mind off of Your TWW

Five days past ovulation and I’m still fairly positive. Maybe it’s because I’ve had such a good week or maybe it’s something else. Either way being positive and happy definitely can’t hurt! I’ve definitely kept myself busy, albeit maybe not completely distracted, during this first week of my two week wait. My friend came up… Continue reading 10 Ways to Keep Your Mind off of Your TWW

Beauty Box!

August 2014 Ipsy Unboxing

It’s No-Baby Wednesday! One more way to distract myself. Today’s NBW is going to be another unboxing, or technically an unbagging. I’ll be sharing my Ipsy bag with you and giving it a review in the process. Ipsy, much like Boxycharm, is a monthly beauty subscription. Ipsy comes in a new bag each month and… Continue reading August 2014 Ipsy Unboxing

Trying to Conceive

Sunday Funday

One day past ovulation. And so it begins, that awesome two weeks of waiting just to see if your miracle is even a slight possibility. Last night was date night which is always nice. The Significant Other and I have designated one night a week, Sunday, to time with each other. Whether we actually go… Continue reading Sunday Funday

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Ovulation Prediction Rambling

I’ve barely started this blog and already I’ve missed a Friday post! This does not bode well for me. Go figure. Cycle day 15 people. If  I was regular and ovulated by the book today would be the day, but according to my temps and OPKs, I’m not quite normal. Fairly close though. My temps… Continue reading Ovulation Prediction Rambling

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August 2014 Boxycharm Unboxing

Hey everyone! I’m back with way less heavy stuff, just as promised. I don’t have much to announce on the trying to conceive front. I’m cycle day 11 so I should be ovulating any day now, but there isn’t too much to report. I do plan on updating this bad boy every Monday, Wednesday, and… Continue reading August 2014 Boxycharm Unboxing

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Coming to Be

Basically, I’m going to be completely honest about my back story and how this blog came to be. Mostly because that’s how I am in general, completely honest with no need to bullshit, but also because I know there are going to be people who don’t like me and are pissed at my story. So… Continue reading Coming to Be